Band protest

Just out of the shower, I walked naked into a packed college auditorium late, through a door to the right of the stage. I grabbed a navy blue towel and wrapped it around my waist, but was still notably underdressed as everyone else wore navy blue concert band uniforms, and brass instruments shown above many heads. I felt extra conspicuous as someone spoke and all attention drew to somewhere near the door I had just entered. Annoyed, I excused my way through the crowd to reach the back hallway and go get dressed.

The speech was in protest of the fact that a Chinese couple had been compelled to drop out of their subsidized program when she became pregnant and funding was withdrawn. Now dressed, I was bothered that so much energy was being given to this issue where clearly there were bigger problems to solve elsewhere. In a poor argument, I interrupted the speaker to say “If someone tossed a firecracker at me, wouldn’t they be indicted?”, and as I said this, the speaker caromed a cherry bomb (firecracker) off the window and towards me, maybe in illustration of my point. It didn’t explode. As the assembly disbursed, I made my way down an aisle of close-packed folding chairs, most of which had brass and woodwind instruments on them, and I had to carefully lift a clarinet body, its keys clacking, out of the way so it wouldn’t fall off the chair.